Visit Volcano Etna

7 Feb , 2019 Uncategorized

Visit Volcano Etna

I was born thirty years ago in Sicily, at the shadow of Mount Etna Volcano. Since I was I little boy I was fascinated by “the always-changing mountain” that I could observe from my town. Growing up I begun to explore the volcano: the forests, the ancient craters, the lava fields after the new eruption, the desert valley, and the smoking summit craters. I also devoted my time to study geology and volcanology. Recently I turn my passion into my profession, getting the license to practice as Volcano Guide.

The project called “Visit Volcano Etna” or, shortly, “ViVo Etna” aims to share my passion and knowledge about the volcanoes with other passionate people. Let be guided in your volcano experience: I offer some “classical” excursion but also personalized tours; I will also provide on the website periodic information about scientific and cultural aspects about Etna and other volcanoes.

In the picture, the coast of Catania and Etna volcano taken from the airplane at dawn

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